Sunday, May 6, 2012

Heart Screening for 14 - 35 Year Olds

Every day at least one family in the UK will suffer the trauma of loosing a young (35 and under) person to an undiagnosed heart condition. In 2010, to coincide with Raising Awareness Week, CRY announced the first initiative in the UK to screen every 14-year-old born in 1995 (the year that CRY was founded) across the South East. The launch of this important new programme coincided with the announcement of the world’s first specialist, multi-disciplinary ‘centre’ dedicated to young* sudden cardiac death, to be based at St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust, South West London. (* 14 to 35 year old) Chief Exec and Founder of the charity, Alison Cox MBE, said; "80% of young people have no signs or symptoms and so the only way to detect a potentially sinister cardiac abnormality is by having a simple screening test. These are all treatable conditions and, if diagnosed in time and with appropriate treatment, lives are saved. Young people, with their whole lives ahead of them are dying needlessly and their legacy of horrific suffering for those that love them is truly unbearable."  
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